Sunday, March 30, 2014

diy: pom pom sandals

easy as 1,2,3!!
i used a pair of t-strap roman sandals i already had, but i found some really cheap ones on amazon if you wanna buy some new ones. 
using some craft pom poms (i also had laying around the house) i hot glued them onto the t-strap.
and presto!!
a new look for my sandals from last summer:)
see, super duper easy!!


Thursday, March 27, 2014

solotica colored contact lens review

i've always loved colored contacts, i used to rock them in high school. 
they are a fun way to play with your look or accentuate your makeup.
i've been on the hunt for some ahhsome one's that cover up brow eyes really good. 
here is my review on the solotica colored contact lens in the color cristal
 (if you can't view the video on this page please click here).
hope this helps;)

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

good things utah segment: how to wear pink eyeshadow

today's segment was a blasty!! 
thanks to mahh beautiful models paige and bailey and to our beautiful hostess, nicea degering.
you can view the full segment

*recap and review*
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pink eyeshadow can be tricky. 
the ahhsome news is that any eye color can rock pink eyeshadow; you just have to find the shades that work with your eyes, skin and hair. 
the way to do that is-- yup, you guessed it--experiment with it..
find a pink that works for you, one that will flatter your eyes and not make them look red. 
this can happen if pink shadow is applied too close to your lower waterline, which is the part of your eye that gets inflamed when you're sick. it can create the illusion of making you look tired or that you have really bad seasonal allergies or worse, pinkeye and that's not a good look on anyone. to prevent this make sure to use another color to act as a barrier between your waterline and your pink shadow. you can control the effect your barrier color has, making your pink shadow soft and whimsy to more dramatic and chic. 

on myself i used the flamingo trio from ns minerals
i love this trio because it contains light, medium and dark shades of pink.
make sure to apply an eye shadow primer before use of shadows to help the shadow stay all day.

i love ns minerals because their makeup is all natural and designed to protect and enhance all skin types.
annnd they have amazing pigments that can be used for eyes, lips, hair, cheeks and nails. so ahhsome!

on my models

on paige 
i used the medium metallic pink from the flamingo trio paired with the honey suckle trio in soft bronzes as my barrier color.

on hailey
 i used the soft pink color from the flamingo trio paired with velvet nightlife as her barrier color. 
i also added black eyeliner to the top lash line.

-behind the scenes at good things utah-

waiting to go on..

 thanks to our hot hostess, nice degering, you are a babe and fun to chat makeup with!!

squeezing all the ladies in for an "ellen" epic selfie

time to take over the news!!

bahahaha, check out the photobomber :)

like a true profeshh!

shout out to mahh fav pink lippie!!

 thanks to mahh super models!!
check out paige's blog she is a fidm alum and super talented
and check out hailey's ig @haileysprung she is a model

here are some other pink eyeshadow inspiration pics:

sexxy time!!! bahaha bob costas and his olympic coverage pink eye!!
ok, ok..this is totally who you don't want to look like.. lol

here are the real pretty ones:)

the prize!!!
the flamingo trio, the honeysuckle trio, the rico mauve pigment, the velvet nightlife pigment

2-follow this blog(muchacha mary)
3-follow muchachamary on instagram
winner will be drawn monday march 17, 2014
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good luck :))


Thursday, February 13, 2014

beauty on a budget: valentine's day date looks

these two mega babes:)
dallas and megan
dallas styled herself and megan, click here for details.

play up your lashes with some sexy accented faux lash strips. 

how hot is this!! 
diy pink hair chalk ombrè to, link is below;)

i was so bummed that this week's beauty on a budget segment was cancelled last minute due to olympic coverage. 
but we went ahead and did a little photo shoot and videos to show you what we were going to talk about so you can be valentine's day sexayyy;)

watch the videos here:

get bronze with this amazing self tanner and application mitt, woohoo you can do your own hair chalk ombrè and pick the color you want, get your pout perfect with long wear lipgloss from l'oreal.
to enter go to:


Thursday, January 30, 2014

fox13 live, beauty on a budget: "pore"fect pores

waiting behind scenes with my cute model and fellow team heugly teammate, dallas

this one's for you coach!! flex faces at fox. lol 

 as always, thank you fox13!!
thank you to our gorgeous hostess with the mostess nineveh dinha and my beautiful model dallas rae

special thanks to jmr fashion place mall for styling my hot model!!

 the products
talking pores:
everyone has pores, some larger some smaller, but we all have hair follicles and that's what pores are. the only place we don't have hair follicles are on our palms and on the soles of our feet. genetics play into the size of your pores, but that doesn't mean you can't take steps to make sure you're not doing something to make them appear larger than they have to.

pick one with salicylic acid, which will help reduce the dead skin cells which can get stuck to your pores. it will also help reduce the oil on your skin, which can make your pores appear larger.

exfoliate using a sonic cleansing system:
using a sonic cleansing system paired with your cleanser, can clean your face 10x better than using just your hands and cleanser. 
exfoliating on a regular basis will definitely give the appearance of shrinking pores. 
if you are routinely getting the dead skin cells, which can get stuck in your pores off of your skin, your pores will avoid getting stretched out daily.

pore refining toner:
after you cleanse and exfoliate use a toner with alpha and beta hydroxy.
alpha and beta hydroxy shrinks those large pores, reveling smooth and even skin tone.

i love this creme, it is suitable for all skin tones. 
it refines and protects skin, it is non-greasy and visibly reduces pores and fine lines.
most importantly it targets pores and tightens them.

one of the most important steps before your foundation.
do you ever notice your foundation getting clogged in your pores? many times your pores look larger after you put on your foundation, which is the exact opposite of what you want it to do. a primer sits at the surface of your skin and creates a sort of barrier between your skin and your makeup. 
it will not get stuck in pores and will overall improve the appearance of your skin.
another awesome one is

giveaway time!!!

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 the olay pro-x!!

how to win:
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@muchachamary  @ninevehdinha
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when done and following (all 3accountscomment here on the blog:

"make me porefect"
(make sure to include your ig account so i can tag you)

super simple!!!
winner will be announced (here) sunday at 5pm mst

good luck:)

you can watch the full segment here:
p.s sorry i was a total re-knob on this one, not my best muchacha

next week will be fun, we'll be taking men's skin care and valentine's day gift ideas for the man in your life!!


thank you to everyone who entered, our winner is….
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